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Why Student Choose HSC Chemistry

Students should also note that chemistry is on a traditional scale and English is proficient. In recent years, HSC Chemistry had a scaled average (published from the annual UAC scale report in table A3) of around 30/50. You can also take the best JC chemistry tuition from twig.

This places HSC Chemistry on an average scale that is roughly the same as Economics, Proficient English, and slightly higher than Physics (28-29 out of 50 in recent years).

While you are advised to choose subjects based on your talents and interests, if you wish to complete at least 1 or 2 HSC disciplines, you can also choose chemistry as one of the natural disciplines to benefit from good scaling.

I am an expert in HSC chemistry

HSC Chemistry is a very experience-based course. There are many things students will realize at the end of their chemistry preparation course or even in the middle of their HSC year.

For example, students find it difficult to accept that there is no well-defined pattern when trying to determine the valence of transition metals.

The validity of common anions and cations needs to be considered because there is no common logic sequence to extract them (which is beyond the scope of the HSC theme).

Therefore, over time, many things come with experience, and students slowly learn the fact particles they need to remember and use in HSC chemistry.

We'll look at some key examples of what we mean by what makes this course experiential.

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