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What is landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting is the use of lighting design, ways, and tools to accentuate how your house, yard, and other particulars around your home ( similar to trees) look in the late evening and at night. Its primary functions are to give visibility during darker hours while decorating your property. 

 Types of landscape lighting 

 Once you know where your home and yard could use that redundant darkness gleam, you can use any of the below seven types of landscape lighting to achieve the lighting setup you ask 


Spotlights are designed to light up a specific area, item, or section of your landscaping. These lights emit a ray of light, generally no larger than 45 degrees. Limelights are excellent for showcasing a particular item in your yard or an architectural detail on your home. 

 Inground lights 

 Inground lighting combines the functions of path lights and limelights. Like path lights, inground lighting is great for illuminating driveways and walkways. Unlike path lights, they can also illuminate girding objects similar to trees and house surfaces. Inground lights are installed into the ground and point overhead. For more information on Inground lighting you can contact the LIGMAN dealer.


 Floodlights have a larger ray spread than limelights, generally around 120 degrees, and can cover larger swaths of your home. Floodlights are an excellent choice for safety and security, similar as illuminating your driveway. 

 Path lights 

 Path lights are lower lights that are stylish used for walkways and sidewalks. They’re generally staked into the ground. You can use these lights to illuminate the walkway up to your home, but other types of out-of-door lighting are preferable for projecting onto your home itself. 


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