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What Is Four Wheel Driving?

We got into 4×4 several years ago and currently own a 1997 Toyota Hilux. 4×4 is done in cars that are designed to drive on surfaces that are rocky, wet, soft, bumpy, or unforgiving. Normal cars are only two-wheel drive, whereas a 4wd car is a four-wheel drive, which gives it more traction to drive on difficult terrain. 

Types of 4wds:

There is a huge range of four-wheel drives that are available, starting from the more common brand names such as Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, Range Rover, Land Rover, Suzuki, Ford, Audi, BMW, Holden, and even Mercedes. Each brand of car has a different way of building its cars, which explains why each has different strengths and weaknesses. To know more about 4 wheel drive caravan camper visit

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Where can I drive?

This question can be answered largely by where you live and what restrictions the law imposes. Of course, there are several areas where you are not allowed to drive the four vehicles, but you just do some research and work out a way around them! 

Be aware that some tracks will be considerably harder than others, and if you take a track that's too hard for your vehicle you can do some very costly damage to the car or even people. A good four-wheel car can drive on sand, mud, rocks, snow, and combinations of them. Being able to take tracks that a normal car couldn't tackle opens up a whole range of new options; fishing on the beach, Camping, and touring a country

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