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Ways 3D Furniture Modeling Streamlines the Marketing Process

In the furniture industry, conventional photography is gradually giving way to 3D rendered models. Professional photography is still relevant though. However, computer-generated imagery (CGI) definitely offers an edge over traditional methods in marketing. It is both time and cost-efficient. For more details on #d furniture modeling navigate to

Furniture 3D design plays a significant role in bringing down marketing expenses compared to conventional methods. The major benefits accrued are discussed below.

1) New Product Launch is fast-tracked

Suppose you have designed a new furniture model with innovative features. If you want to go for photography, your team has to first build a prototype. This involves hiring a firm that can develop prototypes. Even before registering your first sale, you have to pay for a photographer and the firm.

Next, you have to hire a warehouse for stocking the prototype and also have to arrange for the decor against which photography is to be done. After photography, you have to pay a vendor for disposing of the decor materials. All these would incur you extra expenses.

With product 3D modeling, you can entirely do away with the expenses associated with physical prototyping. You just need to hire a 3D artist who can build a textured furniture model in 3D software and then project the same against white or desired backdrop digitally. 

2) Same 3D Model Can be Reused

During photography, you need to build a prototype for each furniture model right from start. With 3D furniture modeling you just need a base model on which you can apply different textures and claddings. 

You can easily embellish the model with different upholsteries, patterns, materials, and colors. If the model is different, the 3D base geometry has to be tweaked only for creating the variants. The 3D rendering then can be put on your site.

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