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Using Stop Word Filter in Website

There are some words that search engines ignore when indexing your website. The search engine also ignores single-digit numbers as well as single letters. They are known as stop words in the SEO industry.

Search engines filter these words because they slow down searches significantly and don't even help improve search results. You can use a stop word filter for your website optimization.

Each search engine uses its own keyword list, but some of the most commonly used words across all search engines are a, more, a, and, as with, be, though, from, how, I, at, is, that, at, or, that, this, for, is, we, what, when, where, what, with, etc.

Using these words can help you with long lines of keyword phrases that make sense to human readers while also indexing your website for the selected keywords.

The criteria that are considered important for search engines are the use of keywords in the document title, the text used in the document body, and of course the text used in outbound links. You have to be extra careful when choosing keywords. If your title contains more than one of these stop words, you may not get search results for using that title.

For this reason, search engines recommend limiting the number of letters in the title and Meta tags when optimizing your pages. If you use too many stop words in this area, you may exceed the number of characters allowed before your keyword even appears.

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