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Treadmill Pros and Cons – Which are The Best?

When you shop for a motorised treadmill, the very first question to answer is whether you require a motorised treadmill or a manual. Both of them come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, and both are extremely helpful for your exercise regime. So what is the deciding factor?

A motorised treadmill will allow you to exercise in a more intense manner. Because of the way it works, a motorised treadmill is always performing at a higher rate than a manually operated one. Because of this, the chances of injuring yourself because of over-exertion is significantly reduced. For example, if you were walking briskly up a hill when suddenly, you reach the top, you will sustain injuries more severely because of the additional energy needed to climb that steep hill.

However, a manual treadmill is also a good way to lose weight and tone your muscles because of the increased endurance you receive from using a repetitive movement. Therefore, if you are thinking about working out at home, a motorized treadmill would be a better option. If you already have a treadmill at home and feel comfortable using it, then a manual machine might be the only option for you. However, if you do not have access to a gym or a public running track, then it might be worth buying one of the motorized versions to enjoy an extreme exercise experience.

Another thing to consider is the portability factor. Treadmills require electricity so if you are running short of time before you have to go to the gym, or if your home is not located near one, then a manual treadmill might be your best option. On the other hand, a motorised treadmill is compact, lightweight, and can easily be transported to any location. Therefore, you would not have to worry about finding a place to store the exercise equipment when you are on the road.

The type of exercise you perform also determines the type of treadmill you should purchase. Manual treadmills are suitable for most people who enjoy walking, jogging, or running. However, they are less effective if you do not move around much because they are more suited to walking or running paths. They are also less convenient to use at home if you do not live near a public park or a fitness center. On the other hand, motorized treadmills are very convenient if you want to workout in your own home and do not mind standing or sitting in a queue.

As your cardio fitness increases, you will need more power with your feet than before. For this reason, treadmills with an electric motor are ideal. They are compact and very lightweight, which means that you can easily carry them around if you are planning to exercise outdoors.

Most treadmills today come with an assortment of features including incline or decline speed settings and a foldable belt. The foldable belt is especially useful if you do not have the space to keep a lot of running or walking belts on hand. An incline setting may be used when you are using a treadmill in the winter or on flat ground. The belt is then raised up so that you can walk or run uphill. The downside is that the increased speed may cause the machine to lose momentum as it slows down.

There are pros and cons to both types of models, see full list on If you like to exercise outdoors and you plan to workout on a regular basis, an incline model will be ideal. It gives you the same workout, but at a slower pace. If you like to work out indoors on a regular basis, a constant speed treadmill is an excellent choice as it gives you a constant speed workout and helps to burn extra calories.

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