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Tooth Implant Bone Grafting: A General Overview Of The Procedure

Are you thinking of replacing your missing tooth through a tooth implant but are still worried about what is in store for you if you try this out? If your answer is yes, then you have to know that familiarizing yourself with the entire procedure can work wonders in eliminating all your worries. You can also search bone grafting at Colleyville or browse in various search engines for getting more information.

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You also have to be aware that the current health of the specific bone through which the implant is to be inserted is required to be checked prior to deciding whether the procedure is indeed safe for you. 

Your jawbone needs to be very healthy in order for it to be perfect for the treatment. It must not suffer from erosion which is caused by gum disease, infection, or previous tooth extraction in order for it to hold the implant in the most secure manner.

Tooth implant bone grafting is known to be a very long process. However, the process can be performed right at the office of your dentist. When it comes to doing the implants, your dentist will choose to either use an autogenous bone which refers to that taken right from your body or the artificial or synthetic bone. 

Allograft bone grafting is also another method. It is done by harvesting bone from cadavers but under the very close supervision and control of bone banks. 

This process has been around for several years now and it was able to supply a lot of bones for different medical and dental procedures. Because the process is closely supervised, one will not worry about getting any transmitted disease from it.


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