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Creative Wedding Gifts – Unique Ideas For Newlyweds

Sometimes creative wedding gifts can be far more valuable than expensive gifts that are practical but rarely used. Popular wedding favors such as candle holders and porcelain are definitely very attractive items, but they are not usually used on a regular basis.

Giving a more personal and creative gift is sure to stand out from the many other gifts that newlyweds are more common in. You can also click at the following link to buy the best wedding gifts for the couple:

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Here are five unusual wedding gift ideas that other friends likely won't give you:

The DVD collection makes a fun gift that any new couple will definitely use for many romantic dinners at home. Those who are living alone for the first time may not have the opportunity to purchase many items such as DVDs.

Home videos are a very personal and thoughtful idea for a wedding gift. If you know the couple really well and spend a lot of time with them, you may already have some videos of them before they got married.

A personalized calendar is another creative gift you can use to exchange memories about your partner's romantic adventures.

Gift vouchers for home service are an unusual gift any busy newlyweds will surely appreciate. If you know your partner has moved into a house with a large yard, you can mow their lawn for free for a year.

The reality is that many traditional weddings can be boring though rewarding. The way to really make sure your gift gets noticed is to give it something more creative than the usual setting or blender.