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A Guide To Understanding Pool Covers

Do you have an above- or in-ground pool in your backyard that just sits out in the open? Have you ever wondered whether there is a way to keep your water crystal clear and ready for use?

Is your answer to both these questions 'yes'? If so, the best solution for your home is the installation of a handy solar pool covers. For those who have never dealt with these covers in the past, this helpful guide aims to answer some of the more commonly asked questions:

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What is a pool cover?

There are actually two objects that come under this heading – one is a large piece of material that is laid directly over the surface of the water, and the other is a large structure that spans that entire pool area. There are a number of benefits associated with the use of both these types of covers, including:

  • The prevention of dirt and debris from entering and contaminating the water, which lessens cleaning time.
  • The protection of the pool's various pumps and vacuums from debris that could be potentially damaging.
  • The protection of your family from the dangerous ultraviolet rays emanated by the sun, which lessens the chance of sunburns and skin cancers developing.

The prevention of water and expensive cleaning chemicals from evaporating, which lessens the need to maintain and replace them.

What are the different types?

There are a number of different pool covers on the market, each fitting into either of the categories listed above – the one laid directly over the water (including net, mesh, solid and solar covers), and the one built over the entire pool area (including plastic, cloth and polycarbonate ones). Each of these covers has its own advantages and disadvantages, yet mesh, solar and polycarbonate ones tend to be the most popular.

What are the care and maintenance like?

The standing structure pool cover is definitely much easier to care for and maintain when compared with the ones that are laid over the top of the water. They are not prone to falling into the pool, being blown away or from growing filthy with dirt and grime. They are also able to be used at all times of the year, whereas the material covers need to be packed up whenever you want to use the pool.