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Most Popular Types of Surveillance Techniques In Australia

Surveillance has a lot to do with not only exposing criminals, but also preventing crimes from happening in the first place. The best security service companies offer people the opportunity to use surveillance techniques to prevent any kind of immorality or theft.

Here we will discuss the most popular types of surveillance techniques that are widely used by people today to protect homes, offices, children and other objects. You can easily get the best corporate security services via Unified Security.

Physical observation

Long before the advent of technology, people had blind faith in the power of the human eye, the security service. People always rely on and rely on the services of the security forces, who are responsible for keeping assigned property safe from threats.

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This method is still widely used today, although various techniques are available. People still hire trained security guards these days. This is one of the most reliable ways to monitor all kinds of illegal activity in circulation and limit the crime rate.

Audio surveillance

Audio surveillance technology is one of the most complex types of surveillance, mainly used by investigators. When we talk about this particular observation technique, the subjects are controlled carefully and carefully with the help of a microchip placed in the house or on some object used by them.


Video surveillance is a technique that is considered a form of mechanical surveillance and is widely used in modern times. It's a technique that's easy to see in action.

The most popular form of this is the CCTV camera, which has become a common sight today. CCTV cameras are not only considered as video surveillance, but also private investigators who record video of the object under investigation.