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Roof Steel Structure – An Overview

When the roof steel structure is in irregular curve shape, the requirement of component fabrication is high. Therefore, the preassembly work is required before the components are delivered from the factory to check the accuracy of production so as to eliminate or reduce the process errors.

The roof top unit support frames  used for preassembly are welded by an I-beam, with the temporary steel beam used to adjust the elevation to meet the assembly requirements. Throughout the preassembly of components, the production and assembly accuracy of the components can be checked, ensuring a smooth lifting of the components and reducing the installation adjustment time, especially in the process of high-altitude installation.

Moreover, the manufacturing error can be controlled in future processing by analyzing the causes or deficiencies in the process. After confirming the accuracy of the preassembly, the installation position line is made at each preassembly joint, and then the temporary connection plate is welded on the pipe.

When the components are transported to the site, they need to be assembled. The roof steel structure is assembled on-site through the support frame, with the continuous horizontal splicing method being adopted. Before assembling the components, the ground first has to be levelled and then compacted using a roller machine. A plain concrete layer with 100 mm thickness is poured on the ground to ensure that it meets the requirements of steel structure assembly flatness and strength.