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Glendales DUI Lawyers Help Clients In Need

DUI lawyers assist those who have been charged with drinking and driving. The police are more vigilant than ever before for people who are driving drunk. 

Those who have been charged with DUI should hire an attorney. The lawyer can help explain the legal process the defendant will have to go through. You can also hire the leading DUI lawyers in Glendale online.

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The attorney will determine the possibility of winning a jury trial based on the case against his client. Not everyone who is charged with driving while intoxicated is guilty of the charge.

A person could fail the field sobriety test and still be judged not guilty. The person who blows into the alcohol measuring device could register an alcohol level over the legal limit and be found not guilty of the offense. There are many defenses to the charge that a DUI attorney can raise to help his client avoid conviction.

The alcohol measuring device could register an incorrect reading. If the device has not been calibrated, then the reader cannot be used as evidence. The attorney will investigate the circumstances related to his client's arrest.

If the police were alerted by a third party that his client was driving drunk, the charge might have to be dropped. The officer has to observe a person driving while intoxicated. 

The police cannot simply rely on a member of the public reporting a driver driving drunk. These are only some of the defenses DUI lawyers can raise on behalf of their clients.