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Office Leasing is Easy When You Know How

If you've never rented office space before, the process can seem a little mysterious. Most people who have never done this before will first dial the rental phone number outside the building, which may seem appealing. 

This is a time consuming and possibly expensive way to start. For more information about office leasing, you can visit .

Office Leasing is Easy When You Know How

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Find what you need first. List the following:

  1. Number of employees

  2. Divide this number into the number that should be in the booth opposite the office

  3. Tools for managing your business

  4. Expected growth over the next five years

  5. Do you need a conference room? If yes, how much?

  6. Do you need a dining area where people can sit or an acceptable kitchenette?

  7. Do you have an inventory? If so, how many do you wear at once?

  8. What time do you work

  9. Are Big Signs Important in Attracting Business?

  10. Is it important to get out of traffic to grow your business?

Ask other business owners for specific recommendations. A good commercial real estate agent is like a good realtor – he works hard to find the best place for you, negotiates the best deal for you (not him) and helps you resolve any issues with your potential landlord.

If you are not sure what type of building you want, let the agent know. Ask them to give you a tour of the properties available. 

After you choose the final location, hire a real estate attorney to review your lease agreement. I would advise you to spend some money on hiring someone who specializes in this area. 

Additionally, as part of the planning process, ask the contractor to provide you with a schedule for the expected completion of each item.