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What Makes Smart Fertigation Smart?

Fertigation is the practice of injecting fertilizer or alternative water-soluble products into an irrigation system to supply the precise quantity of fertilizer required to take care of nutrient deficiencies in plants and it has been used as an agriculture procedure for quite a while.

In the past few years it has enjoyed increasing popularity among cannabis growers as a result of the many advantages it provides when scaling plants at a commercial level within controlled surroundings. You can also search for fertigation systems visit

Automated exact nutrient dosing:

The principal advantage of intelligent fertigation is the fact that it enables growers to automatically produce a precise dose of nutrients depending on the crop type and rising medium. Smart fertigation works nicely in both soil-based and hydroponic surroundings. It enables growers to be more exact not only in the quantities of compost delivered but also in the time of the delivery.

Improved resource use:

Smart Fertigation enhances an increased operation's resource use by decreasing waste across the whole system. Carefully dialed in nutrient concentrations remove the waste of fertilizer connected with hand blending and standard watering, substantially reducing fertilizer prices.

The enhanced root health appreciated by plants fed with clever fertigation also suggests that crops may trap and hold water much better, reducing the quantity of water that should be fed through the system. Not only lowers the price of irrigation but also decreases the effect of indoor agriculture on the general water source.

While clever fertigation systems do need daily maintenance, the labor needed to run them installed is insignificant when compared with the quantity of labor saved on manually doing the job. As improvements in indoor agriculture progress, the number of growers using smart fertigation is only going to continue to rise.