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What Are Escrima Sticks? And Why Do You Need Them For Martial Arts?

Escrima sticks are traditional Filipino martial arts weapons. They are made from bamboo and are about 22 inches long. Escrima sticks are used for punching, kicking, and throwing. They can also be used as a weapon to defend yourself from an attacker. 

Escrima Rattan Stick is a very important part of any martial artist’s arsenal. They are often used in Filipino martial arts such as kali and arnis. Escrima sticks can be made from a variety of materials, including hardwood, bamboo, and rattan. They can be short or long, with a variety of tips and handles. 

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Escrima sticks provide an efficient way to strike your opponents. The short sticks are used for close-range attacks, while the longer sticks can be used for range strikes. The versatile tips allow you to strike your opponent’s limbs, body, or head. The handles make them easy to hold and control, even when wet or sweaty.

If you are interested in learning more about escrima sticks and how they can help improve your martial arts skills, be sure to check out our Escrima Stick section on our website. 

Escrima sticks, also known as bokken or kendo sticks, are chopsticks that have been modified to make them into martial arts weapons. They can be used for both striking and grappling techniques and are essential for many forms of martial arts.  

There are two main types of escrima sticks: the hanbo and the sai. Hanbo sticks are shorter, wider, and heavier than sai sticks, which makes them better for punching and blocking. Sai sticks are thinner and lighter, making them better for slicing and thrusting motions.