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How to Grow Cannabis?

This guide is all about various steps and things you need to do to farm cannabis indoors or outdoors. You can also do farming of cannabis inside if you have restrictions in your country.

In step 1; You need to select the land or farm where you want to grow it. 

In step 2; You need to choose the source of light for the plant. If you are planting it where the rays of the sun are very low you need to think about the source again.

In step3; you need to choose the medium to grow cannabis. So, as to harvest cannabis timely.

In step 4; you need to see if the soil requires nutrients where you are farming the cannabis seeds.


In step 5; you need to think where you could get cannabis plants so, that you can farm them on your land.

In step 6; this is the last and the final step before the cultivation of the land. You need to farm the seeds and let them germinate.

In step 7; this stage is for vegetation, where you can see stems and leaves growing from the cannabis plant.

In step 8; this stage is the flowering stage, where you can see buds growing. 

In step9; if you have reached this stage this means you have reached the final stage and you can finally harvest!