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Characteristics Of An Electronic Sow Feeder

When considering sow-housing systems, electronic sow feeding (ESF) is probably the best option for pig producers with higher productivity expectations.

Electronic sow feeders (ESF)  are high-quality, durable, and effective technology designed to give access to feed which will keep sows reproductive and healthy. They let hogs especially sows to eat and maybe adjusted to exact configurations to get a balanced feed supply.

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ESF has made a difference in daily farm management and handling large collections of hogs. Hogs are now able to eat out of the automated pig feeders with no interruptions or contest.

ESF is a whole lot more than a means to feed hogs. It supplies a variety of management options such as reproductive efficacy, nutritional supplements, and boosting the hog's welfare. Sows particularly are satisfied and eat meals in their schedule. They possess the right quantity of feed assisting them to keep healthy and achieve increased piglet birth rate.

There are advantages to utilizing an ESF system:

Health and Comfort

The ESF system allows sows to pick their feed program. This has shown to decrease stress, aggression and anxiety among hogs. The sows eat at a secure environment, eliminating the competition for meals. ESF boosts the health of the hog especially sows.

It measures the number of the feed and also preserves nutrient necessities. The number of feedings could be adjusted to keep up the burden of the hog. A nicely balanced feed will lead to healthier piglets and fewer health issues for elderly hogs.