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Resolving Construction Disputes Effectively

Often, when clients are frustrated with contractor work, construction conflicts can develop. The client may feel that the construction company has not completed all the contract work or is unhappy with the quality of the building. 

If the dispute cannot be resolved outside the legal system, litigation may be required and the client can request legal services. There are some companies like Stat11 inc. that provide the best dispute resolution services.

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Written Offer and Payment Schedule – Many construction disputes can be avoided if the customer has taken clear precautions in advance. Before hiring a builder, clients should search and review references. 

Stay Emotional – When a construction conflict arises, the first step towards resolving it should be discussing the difficulty with the construction company. This should not be done accusingly or emotionally. The aim is to find a satisfactory solution and this will be more difficult to achieve when there are large differences between the parties.

Professional Brokers – If you feel uncomfortable having face-to-face meetings with your contractors, you can hire a surveyor or certified architect to work with the contractor on your behalf. Once you have a plan for a job well done, the person who created it is likely your best bet.

Mediation – The next step in resolving construction disputes is to try mediation. Depending on the agreement between the two parties, difficulties may arise for independent experts. This expert will endeavor to reach a legally binding agreement between the parties to the dispute.

Making decisions – Appointing a judge to decide on an issue is a more formal way of dealing with construction disputes. The process is similar to mediation or reconciliation where facts are shared with outside experts.