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Role of Disc Jockey in Wedding Reception

A disc jockey is a person who entertains an audience at a wedding reception. The most important job of a disc jockey is to play music and entertain people. 

There are different types of Disc Jockey such as radio DJs, mobile DJs, and club DJs. You can hire the wedding DJ company in Geelong via JLPE for your wedding parties, events, or receptions.

A disc jockey must be competent enough to call an audience onto the dance floor with the music. The DJ must choose a suitable song for the wedding reception. He must have adequate knowledge of folk songs that are usually played at various events at wedding receptions.

The role of a DJ is not just making music, but also acting as a presenter. A good DJ should look professional and accurate. A good DJ knows when to play which song. He must be flexible to accept requests from guests. He must have the ability to engage people in the wedding reception by playing the music they are asked to do.

In hip-hop music, DJs can create beats with bass lines, percussion breaks, and other musical content from existing recordings. In hip-hop, rappers and MCs use this beat to skip. Professional DJs often specialize in a particular genre of music such as techno or hip-hop. DJs usually have a thorough understanding of the music they specialize in. Many DJs are collectors of retro, rare, or obscure songs and records.

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