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Questions To Ask Your Potential Cloud Service Provider

It seems that everyone is talking about cloud-based solutions from small companies to large enterprises. It's easy to understand why – the advantages of cloud-based deployments are numerous including rapid deployment, lower costs of ownership as well as less administration and maintenance for just three reasons.

For IT-related companies as well as managed cloud service providers (MSPs) providing solutions to their customers cloud computing is a great opportunity. 

It is not surprising that instead of spending the time and effort to create their own cloud-based solutions by scratch The majority of small IT service providers collaborate with cloud service providers to provide their customers with services that range between backup and CRM.

Does the cloud meet our current business requirements?

It's true that for many companies cloud computing is the best option. Gartner, Inc., the world's most renowned research and advisory firm, has predicted that by the year 2020, a company's "no-cloud" rule will become as common as the "no-Internet" policy currently. 

Metrics of Uptime and Reports

Discover how your provider evaluates uptime and how this is communicated to customers for example, what component of the infrastructure of hosting (hosting servers, server reliability, service delivery, etc.) the calculation of uptime includes in. Check out the processes implemented to deal with major outages. 

If you thoroughly research this topic it is likely that you will discover not just the best cloud service provider, but the best options for your business and your customers.

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