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Quality of Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) is a popular videogame introduced by Rock star north. The game is based on an imaginary Liberty City. This city is completely based on New York City. As the New York City, this city is also very modern city. It is based on Niko Bellic who is a Serbian warrior of Bosnian War who came to U.S. He came to states in search of American Dream.

He also comes there to find his cousin who lends money from him and also promises him to give it back. This game gives experience to the player regarding game. This game is more exciting than its other games of this series. This game is receiving welcoming reviews from the audiences from all over the world.


GTA IV has received positive reviews and is now the highest-rated videogame ever on all game sites. This game is different from other GTAs. This is a much more exciting and enjoyable game. It is easy to discuss and can be well rated.

All new weapons are included in the game to give it a more realistic feel. The game's new vehicles aren't fighter jets or hovercrafts. They are go-karts, jetpacks, and go-karts. This is the most realistic and believable world you have ever seen. This game is unlike any other.

Modern cities are now better than ever. The game has become more fun and logical. Another option is to fire guns. It can also give you urban warfare, tearing down cars while you blast them with gunfire. 

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