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Outsourcing E-commerce Order Fulfillment

When your e-commerce company grows to the point that you are unable to package or ship orders yourself, then outsourcing order fulfillment may be a good option. Fulfillment warehouses give small businesses the chance to compete with competitors. 

Let's look at some of the benefits that local fulfillment warehouses can offer small business owners.

Inventory Storage and Management

Small business owners can store more inventory off-site. Your inventory will be organized by the fulfillment center. Many fulfillment centers offer a web-based portal where you can log in and view your inventory as well as the history of each item.

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Automated Order Fulfillment

Fulfillment warehouses typically accept shipping requests via a web-based application. You can email your invoices or order spreadsheets directly to the warehouse. Once shipping requests have been received, items are automatically packed and shipped to the customer. Some warehouses will even inform customers about their order tracking numbers.

Processing of Returns & Exchange

E-commerce is a world where customers are unable to inspect products before purchasing. Returns and exchanges are commonplace. Fulfillment centers handle returns and exchanges by inspecting the returned items. The items are then returned to inventory or placed in the damaged item bin.

Free You Up To Grow Your Business

The time that you normally spend packaging orders, tracking inventory, and dealing with returns, can now be focused on growing your business. This time can be used to increase your product range, improve your website, promote the business, or enter new markets.

Online search is the best way to find fulfillment centers. All order fulfillment centers offer basic services. However, each one has its own costs and methods that will allow you to choose the best.

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