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How To Protect Yourself From Ransomware Attacks?

How to prevent attacks:

The good news is that the latest series of attacks exploit vulnerabilities that Microsoft has fixed. So if your computer has been updated with various Windows updates, you should be pretty safe. However, here are three steps to keep yourself as safe as possible:

1. Windows Update – Microsoft released a large number of updates to fix identified vulnerabilities in its operating system. While it can be painful to install and update them at times, they are really the single most important step you can take to protect yourself from infection. You can also get professional services to protect your data from ransomware attacks through

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Waiting about 20 minutes to install an update is much less painful than telling you that you've lost all your data and need to start over. Also, make sure your Windows Firewall is active and up-to-date to prevent even the originally infected files from reaching your computer.

2. Good antivirus software – Second after Windows updates is the need to have good and reliable antivirus software and keep the latest definitions up to date. 

Often these premium plans come with additional features that scan your email and evaluate the websites you visit to warn you of harmful material as early as possible.

3. Internet etiquette – Finally, the most practical step in preventing infection is simple Internet etiquette. With email, it's as easy as not clicking on any links or attachments in emails that come from unknown senders or appear in your spam folder. 

The bottom line is that ransomware is a collection of software packages that bring nothing but discontent and pain to victims, but is very easy to protect against by following the steps above.

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