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How to Book Your Stay in Self Catering Accommodation on Norfolk Island?

The best things to do on Norfolk Island include exploring the stunning landscape, sampling the many local wines and beers, and relaxing in one of the island's luxurious self-catering accommodation options.  There are several ways to book your stay in self-catering accommodation on Norfolk Island.

The easiest way is to use online booking websites like You will need to enter the dates you want to stay, the type of accommodation you require and the amount of money you are prepared to pay per night. You will then be presented with a list of available properties.

Another way to book accommodation on Norfolk Island is through one of the many private landlords who rent out holiday homes and cottages. You can find details of these landlords by searching for ‘self-catering’ in the local newspapers or contacting tourist information centers in towns and villages on Norfolk Island.

If you prefer not to use the internet or a private landlord, there are several guesthouses and B&Bs that offer holiday accommodation on Norfolk Island. These establishments can be found by searching for ‘self-catering’ in the local telephone directory or by asking around in town centers and villages.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to research your chosen accommodation thoroughly before making your booking, as some properties are much more luxurious than others and may not be suitable for all visitors.

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