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How Does A Styrofoam Cooler Keep Things Cold?

A Styrofoam cooler, also known as a foam cooler can do an excellent job of keeping things cool because it is not good conduction of heat. A Styrofoam container that is sealed creates a "cold zone" where heat from outside can enter at a slow pace.

Foam coolers are excellent at insulating properties due to the millions of air bubbles that slow down the movement of heat within the fabric. If you’re looking to buy foam coolers in Hawaii then visit Pacific Allied Products Ltd..

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Styrofoam acts as insulation which means it will help to keep heat from the outside of your cooler. But, you'll still require coolants (like the ice pack) to keep the cooler cool in the initial place.

  • Thermal Conductivity

All materials possess a property that engineers and scientists call thermal conductivity, which is the capacity to transfer heat. Certain substances conduct heat well, while other materials do not conduct heat effectively. Both kinds of materials can be useful when used in the right conditions.

For instance, a frying pan must be able to efficiently conduct heat by heating quickly and maintaining the same temperature over its surface to ensure even cooking. An oven mitt will not be able to conduct heat efficiently to shield your hands from heat-sensitive cookware.

  • Insulators and conductors

Metals are excellent conductors of heat due to the fact that metal molecules share electrons with their outer counterparts quickly, which allows objects to rapidly transfer heat energy. Copper is among the top heat conductors that have thermal conductivity around 20000 times higher than air.

Certain nonmetals are also excellent heat conductors. diamond, for instance, is twice as electrical conductivity as copper. However, the majority of nonmetallic substances like sand and helium are not good heating conductors. Styrofoam is made from polystyrene polymer which is a nonmetallic material with low thermal conductivity

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