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Everything About Water Contamination Lawsuits

PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds) are a class of man-made toxic chemicals that have been used in the United States since 1940. They can be found in many consumer products, as well as in soil, air, and water. The Environmental Protection Agency has found evidence that PFAS may have adverse health effects. It is a chemical that does not dissolve and can build up in the body over time. 

This chemical is also known as a "forever" chemical. Drinking water contaminated by PFAS or using PFAS-containing consumer products can expose us all to some PFAS. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), PFAS exposure in our environment and consumer products is usually low these days.

PFAS can build up in the body by being consumed or exposed in an occupational setting. Negative health effects include cancers and liver damage. You may be able to file a PFAS water contamination lawsuit if you believe you are suffering from adverse health conditions or illnesses due to PFAS exposure. If you are in search of a lawyer to file a water contamination lawsuit you may hop over to

DuPont water contamination case dismissed

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Exposure to PFAS can lead to many adverse health effects including cancer, low birth weight, thyroid disease, neurological problems, and other possible illnesses. PFAS manufacturers are currently facing hundreds of lawsuits.

You or a loved one suffering from adverse health effects as a result of PFAS exposure could file a PFAS lawsuit to receive compensation. There may be multiple parties responsible or liable for PFAS exposure. These types of lawsuits can be both lengthy and complex. Talking to a PFAS lawsuit lawyer can help you evaluate your legal options and proceed with any claims.

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