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Essential Tips for Ordering Wedding Cakes In Canada

Individual wedding cakes, made from scratch with high-quality fresh ingredients and decorated by experienced cake designers, have been cherished by guests over the years. Ordering a wedding cake is often the bride's first chance to order a custom cake. The following tips will make the process easier.

The steps for ordering a wedding cake

To avoid disappointment, start planning your event and designing your cake right away. Gather information on local cake designers and order a classic bakery cake for your special day. Browse magazines, books, and websites for cake design and decoration ideas. 

Plan ahead

Plan all the wedding details in advance. Personalized businesses and wedding venues often require 6 to 12 months of advance notice. If you are planning a wedding in the high season, it will take 12 months from the time you order the cake to the date of your event. 

Choose a cake style that suits your wedding plans

The wedding cake style is associated with all other elements of your special occasion. What kind of marriage did you have? How many guests were invited? Is the show outside or inside? Will the dress, decor and overall style be modern, formal, informal, or traditional? Collect samples of colors, fabrics, themes, and patterns. All of this information is useful when talking to a bakery.

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