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Essential Guide to Understanding the Health Benefits of Chicken

Combined with herbs and spices, whether roasted, grilled, or stewed, chicken is a very versatile and delicious food. When buying whole chickens, look for one that has a firm, plump shape and a rounded chest.

Even if you buy the chicken part, the meat will feel pliable when pressed lightly. Chicken skin color that can be white or yellow does not affect its nutritional value. 

However, regardless of the color, the skin should be opaque and unblemished. If you are searching for a fresh chicken supplier, visit

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Apart from that, chicken also has great health benefits.

1. Protein

Chicken is an excellent source of protein which is essential for human bone structure – just 4 ounces provides 67.6% of the daily protein value your body needs.

The protein found in meat can be high in cholesterol and fat, whereas chicken is not only less than half the fat of choice bone steak but also has less unhealthy saturated fat than beef. Note, however, that chicken skin doubles the amount of saturated fat. For health reasons, you'll be eager to serve your delicious chicken recipes without the skin.

2. Anti-cancer

Chicken is a great source of a cancer-protected B vitamin called niacin. Components of human DNA need niacin in order to function properly, so a deficiency can cause genetic damage. A 4-ounce serving of chicken provides your body with 72% of its daily value of niacin.

It is always a good idea to choose chickens that are raised organically or freely, as this method of poultry farming is more humane and results in tastier, healthier chickens.

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