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Do You Need House Extensions Planning Permission?

House Extensions Planning Permissions isn't necessarily required however it is crucial to determine what you need to know in each instance. Many think that getting permission will be challenging, however, If you follow the right guidelines and remain within the guidelines, then it will not be an issue. 

Always be sure that you have or do not require permission prior to starting something to ensure that you don't waste any time. To find out the professional modern veranda builder(also known as Moderne veranda bouwer in the Dutch Language).

It will not be required to submit an application for permission to plan in the event that the extension land is not greater than half of the area surrounding the house, and the extension's height cannot exceed the ceiling of the roof. If you intend to make changes to the roof, however, you'll need permission.

If your property and planned extensions face an intersection, it is necessary to obtain the necessary permission.

If you're planning your extensions and want to avoid the need to file for permission, then simply review the plans you have made and put a few points into consideration. This could reduce the hassle and time of seeking permission.

When you're considering construction materials, ensure that they're the same or similar to the materials used in the previous house. If you're not in line with what was initially used, you'll need to seek permission.

If your extension plans comprise the construction of a balcony veranda or elevated platform of any kind it is necessary to be granted planning permission. Also, when you plan the replacement or modification of any chimney vent pipe, microwave, or antenna.

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