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Digital Photography Tips & Tutorials In Sydney

Take a position before the light falls. If you shoot landscapes in low light, you are more likely to be out in the morning, or late at night. Unfortunately, at this time of low visibility, it is difficult to get a beautiful picture, so it is strongly advisable for you to change the background accordingly.

Understand the composition of your image before dusk. This way you know what and how to take photos without having to dive into the dark. You can also look for the Sydney photo studio hire via

Check out different compositions and even take multiple shots to make sure the image works and there are no distractions.

Think of elements that add scale, interest and context to your photos. Think about the sun and how it changes position as the shot approaches you.

And remember: at dusk, you only have about 20 to 30 minutes of optimal light, so be prepared with your particular gear, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, as well as some amazing compositions.

Shoot during the golden and blue hours. While landscape photography is great fun in low light, not all hours of the day are the same especially when it comes to light quality.

The best time to capture the scene in low light is from half an hour before sunset (golden hour) to about half an hour after the sun has set below the horizon (blue hour).

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