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Choose Best Women’s Wedge Shoes

Most women own the perfect dress that is stunning when it is worn. The perfect dress requires the right accessories, hairstyle, and jewelry, but more importantly, the most perfect pair of shoes. 

A pair of great shoes can be the difference between a perfect and a bad one in an outfit. When choosing a good pair of shoes, it's essential to keep in mind that if you pick the wrong shoes it can cause a complete disaster. For example, the wrong pair of shoes can ruin a formal outfit. There are a few basic guidelines to guide the purchase of the ideal footwear.

Keely’s pair of Wedge shoes  look great to wear for formal or casual dress depending on the type of shoes. For formal wear, satin or leather are the most appropriate fabrics. Shoes should be covered in leather that matches the upper or glossy plastic. Wood wedge heels are not often able to wear with a formal dress. 

keely wedge shoe

However, wood heels are great for casual footwear. They are also suitable for canvas uppers and espadrille styles of shoes.

If you are looking to purchase a pair of wedges that have colors, there are some general guidelines. It's not an ideal idea to wear shoes that overshadow the color of the dress. The color of the shoe should complement the dress and woman. 

When the gown is a distinct color, you can pair it with multi-colored footwear so a dress with multiple colors is most effective when paired with one color shoe. A good pair of red wedges can look great with navy or black dresses. A red dress, on the other hand, will look stunning with black and red shoes or black and navy shoes. The choice of color shouldn't be as hard as picking the right designer.

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