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Assisted Living Facility For Individuals With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia

Around 26 million people are affected by Alzheimer's disease. The symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are first apparent in the loss of short-term memory for recent events. The disease progresses to inability or difficulty to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

The symptoms of the disease worsen as the disease progresses and manifest in these forms:

* Mood swings

* Language breakdown

* Long-term memory loss

Family members can look after the patient during the initial stages. Professional care is required in the second phase. Because they provide both residential and medical care and accommodate living facilities are a popular choice for Alzheimer's patients. 

These facilities can help to reduce the severity of the disease and provide compassion, understanding, and patience. There are many assisted living facilities available for Alzheimer's patients.

Essential Requirements for People with Alzheimer's

Progressive memory loss can lead to a decrease in self-worth and identity for Alzheimer’s patients. People with Alzheimer's need:

* Daily activities and a structured routine that reflect the habits you have cultivated over time.

* Care and attention for individual needs.

* Safe, secure, and familiar surroundings

* Well-trained, compassionate staff.

* Encouragement to do simple things, such as eating breakfast, taking a walk, or engaging in creative hobbies, like painting. These activities can improve self-image and increase productivity among patients.

* Simple outdoor activities such as walking, gardening, and exercising.


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