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Are Wooden Hangers Worth To Buy?

You may think plastic hangers are durable, but they don't have the lifespan of wood. Over time, those inexpensive plastic hangers will sag. And when the hanger sags, the fabric can stretch out of shape. Durability is particularly poor for wire hangers. 

While there are some better quality wire hangers, most are used for dry cleaners and not meant to be used every day. Wooden hangers are the best luxury wardrobe hangers for coats, suits, clothes, belts & ties.

The sturdiness of the wooden hanger is particularly important for heavier clothes, such as winter coats. A wire or plastic hanger cannot support the weight of a heavy coat, but wood can.

Even with a light pair of pants, a wire hanger will bow rather quickly. This means that you'd have to replace the hanger regularly. The wood hangers are even more durable than the heavy duty metal hangers. 

Stainless steel hangers will last much longer than wire, but they still don't have the durability of wood. A wood hanger will maintain its integrity throughout the years. You will rarely need to ever replace a hanger in your home. 

Wooden hangers are more than just useful. They give your clothes a more elegant appearance when organized in your closet. Wooden hangers will show that you care about the quality of your clothes.

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