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Amazing Ideas for Huge Wall Clocks In Your Kitchen

An idea for a huge and inexpensive wall clock would be a projection clock. These watches appear dim during the day, but their design really shows in the dark. With a digital laser display box, you can choose from many different designs or customize your own. You will probably have to stick to the standard colors that lasers are offered in, but the range of colors offered is expanding every day.

These clocks are not mere projections; they actually indicate the time and can also display moving second and minute hands. They can display dates and even your favorite saying of the day. If you are going to spend the money on custom designs, go nuts.

Old-style clocks are reminiscent of tower clocks like Big Ben. They are usually intricately designed and exceed two thousand dollars. They come in fine filigree and creeper folded metal patterns. Classic faceplates range in style from European to American designs. You can choose the custom wall clock through

Huge gear watches are all the rage lately. These interesting timekeepers are usually a combination of different sizes of interacting gears and other moving parts. They basically look like a watch that shows only its internals working. These giant watches come in a variety of designs and finishes, from rusty metal to modern elegance.

As far as huge wall clocks are concerned, hand clocks are an interesting touch to any room. The clock mechanism is installed with its gearbox hidden within the wall, with only its gear shaft protruding from the surface of the walls. The giant hands are attached to the shaft and the hour markers can be hung circularly on the wall behind the giant hands.



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