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All About Sewer Camera Inspection

An inspection camera for sewer lines is an extended, robotic snake that has a camera on the other end. It gives plumbers an immediate view of what's happening in your pipes. 

Due to the camera's ability to bend and twist the pipe's curves, plumbing professionals are able to detect and identify issues that they might not have even imagined. You can get this leak detection service online by searching the query “best sewer camera inspection in Doral”.

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A specialist from QPH will install the rod with a flexible structure that holds the camera in the pipe or drain that is causing trouble to allow the camera to transmit everything onto a tiny screen that the plumber can be able to see. 

The bright LED lights are connected to the rod, which allows the camera to be seen in the darkest places. They'll capture the entire process so that they are able to go back, identify the problem, and also are able to fix it.

The most frequent problems that experts encounter in cameras for sewer lines include:

  • Pipe Problems – Over time, pipes may change their angles in odd ways and are therefore susceptible to cracks or the misalignment

  • Tree Roots – Tree roots occasionally develop into sewer lines

  • Corrosion- Resistant pipes are made of PVC and are unlikely to be corroded, however, older pipes made of metal are susceptible to corrosion.

Hope you have got an idea about what is sewer camera inspection and the importance of treating it as soon as possible. 

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