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All About Energy Advisory And Modeling Simulation Services

As building standards change, so do innovations in sustainable design, fire resistance, and lifts and escalators. Your assets must meet certain regulations.

Many top-class green building advisors can assess the energy certification for buildings using complex energy modeling and energy simulation programs. You can find the best servicios de simulación energética (in English "energy simulation services") via

Why are energy advisory and energy modeling simulations so important for your business?

Nearly 40% of all global energy consumption is generated by buildings and as much as 38 percent of global CO2 emissions.

Research shows that green buildings consume 30 percent less energy per square foot than traditional buildings. Additionally, every dollar invested in energy efficiency saves more than US$2 on energy supply costs.

servicios de simulacin energtica

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It is essential to find technologies, tools, and systems that buildings can use to reduce energy costs. Your business's sustainability depends on energy modeling and energy advisory.

Energy advisory and energy modeling simulation  services include:

Energy advisory simulation services:

On-site analysis of the building via structural and energetic calculation

Pinpointing existing weak spots

Evaluation of energy loss

Energy modeling simulation services

All design and operating parameters associated with the energy consumption of a building can be taken into consideration. This includes:

Wall and roof constructions

Window performance values

Occupant numbers

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