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A Guide to Mind Mapping for Project Managers

As a project manager, you can use mind mapping as early as in the project planning stage. You can create a mind map to put all of the project-related information together. Each of the main branches can represent a different project management process or a different area of the project itself: risks, stakeholders, resources.

Using mind maps in task management will be effective at every stage: from collecting requirements from different stakeholders to structuring them and outlining the tasks. When your list of tasks is ready, you can use the map to build a Gantt chart for the project.

Once you kick off the project, remember to get back to your maps regularly. They can serve as reminders about, e.g., project risks and the ultimate business goals. You can also build a mind map that will serve as a repository of organized project-related information.

Some other parts of the project where mind mapping can be used are:

  • Meeting facilitation. Effective meeting management is critical when working on a project: this is where you can lose or save a lot of time. Mind maps can help you structure the points brought up during meetings and serve as great after-meeting notes.
  • Problem-solving. Whether you want to decide which way to go or figure out a solution to a problem your team encountered, mind maps can help you organize facts and find the best way to move forward.

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